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I am convinced that there are little spy cameras all over our house, 'cos every time I get what I think is a good idea, I see it instantly somewhere else. It all goes to prove that there is nothing really new anywhere, just adjustments of old ideas.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Cutting blades

I have been having problems recently with blades, cutting types of all kinds - craft knives, rotary cutters, die cutters - you name it and it needed help.  I have an excellent scissor sharpener (Fiskars) which deals with those instantly and returns all scissors to scalpel sharpness (not sure about curved parchment scissors though).



  1. for punches etc try punching through kitchen foil to sharpen them

  2. Even the die cutter? What kind do you have? You mean you just sharpen the die cutter blade? Ohhhhh what a great thing if you can. Oh I hope I am reading this right!